Can CRM Help In The Staffing Process?

CRM stands for customer relationship management and it adds a different value to every organization. Usually, a CRM Software is used by product and service delivery firms to interact with their customers. But, if you think of an out of the box use of CRM, a staffing firm can be a perfect example. A staffing firm’s customers are the candidates that it is catering to. So, in a way a staffing firm can use all features of a CRM solution with some simple tweaks.

Creating a Data Bank

CRM solutions work on a database that is either created automatically or manually. The information fed in the systems are used to identify customer patterns and send them related mailers. In a staffing firm, a database can be created with resumes or skills of candidates, these can then be used to send right opportunities to right candidates.

Contacting the Right Candidates

A staffing firm can easily filter the right candidates and send personalized mailers with the description of the jobs. CRM Software allows personalization for unlimited candidates. A mailer with all essential details helps only the right candidate reach out to you. This is similar to a retail chain sending promotional mails to interested customers and allowing customers to make the choice.

Processing the Candidates

The work of a CRM Software does not end at sending mass mailers. It can also allow you to screen candidates resume based on qualification, years of experience, etc. and send automatic replies to candidates who are not selected. If you have an online test, you can let the selected candidates take that by sharing the link and completing one more round before the telephonic and face-to-face interviews.

Eliminating Errors

In case of mass hiring, many company employees are engaged in recruitment process. A CRM Software can help eliminate errors by having a common platform which is being used by all employees. In that case, there are no chances of same candidate receiving two mails or calls for the same job opportunity. These errors are common in manual systems.

Documenting and Hiring

After selection, candidates would need a letter of intent from the company with date of joining and other details like compensation structure. Microsoft CRM software development can help you do these things as well. The date of joining and compensation amount can easily be personalized eliminating the chances of sending letters with incorrect details.

Onboarding Candidates

The CRM’s staffing process also allows you to onboard candidates by sharing company policies with them. Also, allowing them to share details like bank account, social security number, etc. that you would be required to credit salaries and also enrol them for government benefits. The on boarding process act as a bridge between a candidate becoming an employee which is carried forward by other CRM processes.

Once you have the right strategy in place with clarity in terms of what you want your CRM to deliver in the staffing process, you can leverage on the trends like mobile CRM, social CRM, etc. which makes use of smartphones and social media to bring the best of integrated CRM.